"As your city councilor, I will support and work closely with our education system, promote economic development in our neighborhoods, and represent all residents' rights in our democracy," - Rita Paniagua

Education is the building block of every community, and opportunities to education for all needs to be a priority.

  • Strongly advocating for the school district while being a member of the Syracuse Common Council. She will ensure each dollar spent is going towards effective programs that bolster our school district.

  • Charter schools are reducing funding that would otherwise go to the SCSD. Charter schools also do not have the rigorous state regulations and mandates that public schools have to abide by. 

  • The Syracuse City School District is one of the largest and poorest school districts in New York. The educational system is not growing at par with the needs of students and our community due to a lack of resources. We must find a solution that meets our children and family's needs.

Future of I-81

Rita has been actively following the discussion of the future of I-81 and is a strong supporter of the Community Grid option. Rita believes:

  • The Community Grid would create a tax base which will promote economic growth in Syracuse.

  • Visibility would be brought to new and existing businesses, which will translate into further economic development.

  • This issue should always be addressed with constant input from city residents.

Economic Development

In Rita's years of service, she has firsthand seen the need of a better and more efficient plan for Syracuse's economy. She believes several components need to be brought to the table in order to develop an effective economic plan: entrepreneurs, corporations, governments, organized labor, and the working families of our community. Rita believes on this issue that:

  • Advocating to firm up our current "Living Wage Ordinance" which will improve the living standards of workers and the communities in which they live.

  • Promotion of employment programs as described partnering with our community-based organizations, whose feet are on the ground in Syracuse.

  • Supporting the Community Benefits agreements and ensuring more projects that include the agreement are promoted.


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